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October 5, 2013


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:stra: English / Para español mas abajo :star:

我是很忙!!! <span class="">学<span class="">是很难</span><span class="">的</span><span class="">!! </span></span><span class=""><span class="">但</span></span><span class=""><span class=""><span class="">是我很高兴 :la:

Wel I'm being very busy with
</span></span></span><span class=""><span class="">*AlphaAnime <span class=""><span class="">
work, for those who don't know I'm making this Hentai manga for them because they are all pure love and I can pay school debt Lol!! and my school isn't cheap LOL for thos who don't know I'm studying Chinese for </span></span></span></span><span class=""><span class="">translation and understanding and I'm still a beginner but I have my heart on it!
 but seriously they are such great persons, and I have to finish work asap! I get some sik these days so I get
</span></span><span class=""><span class="">delayed with work but </span></span><span class=""><span class="">fortunately It's less than the middle what left, and yet I have this </span></span><span class=""><span class="">commitment with Lit Ediciones, the yaoi grup I belogn to here in Mexico for a zombie comic I need to finish too LOL!! I feel like I'm gonna die XD but I'm always thankful for all work is given to me because I need to eat and yup I eate money ;D nom nom nom

So for commisions I've been askeda lot so I'm accepting only point comisheshssh :la: I still debt a couple but I promise I'll have them asap ;D

and I want to finish all work not just because I have to LOL but because (for those who don't know my girlfriend is :iconvoldemoradesatou:) I'm planning travel to china so I can finish my study, and my girl and I can´t get too much time together and I really want to get along with her as much as possible! so If you comissin me a lot I can left muy second job and be with her much mor etime XD just kidding I just want to presume her e.e

Sooo that's all ;D
good day verybody!!!
</span></span>再见!!!!<span class=""><span class="">

No se porque siempre me da mas flojera escribr en español que en ingles siendo el español mi lengua materna xD soy todo una pecadora XD!!!
bueno la cosa que dice en chino alli arriba es que estoy muy ocupada y la escuela esta cañona peroque soy muy feliz ;D :la:

Basicamente este journal es para contarles que tengo mucho trabajo ya que estoy trabajando con los chicos de
</span></span><span class=""><span class="">*AlphaAnime <span class=""><span class="">
con un manguilla hentai que estan haciendo que si tienen tiempo chequenlo  ;D asi que em tiene bastante ocupada peor pues paga las cuentas XD y la escuela no es facil xD
para aquellos que no lo saben estoy estudiando chino para su traduccion e interpretación, asi qeu la carrera no es asi como barata en Mexico XD pero bueno, el asunto es que como me han estado preguntando mucho sobre las comisiones pues  solo voy a aceptar comissiones por puntos hasta que termine este trabajo y otro que tengo pendiente con las chicas de Lit ediciones que es el grupo de Yaoi  para el que trabajo junto a mi queridisima :iconvoldemoradesatou: y tambien tego trabajo pendiente con ellas LOL XD

bueno basicamente eso es lo qeu dice alli arriba, no lo trauje todo tal cual porque ando medio flojilla XD pero muchas gracias !! y pidamen muchas comisiones ;D para poer dejar mi segundo empleo XD es broma! saludines!!!
MRVISIO Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Se ve chido el manga :U
AlphaAnime Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
We may have more work for you when you finish, so hope we can help with you leaving that second job. :-)
theamazingwrabbit Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
oooh good for you! im glad you found work that you love to do~
work hard ^ ^
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